01 February 2011

Morning Vent, 1 February 2011

 The convergence of fetishes in
today's cosplay GungalTM are teh awesome!

    Hope to spend the afternoon with my beloved Effie, if the impending storm permits. Guess it might be a rough commute up North this week, but I'll take it slow and get there sure. I have my Sweet Gal to come back home to in just two days this week.
    We skipped our customary mention of month name trivia for January (the month is named for the Greco-Roman god of the household doorway, Janus, who looks both backward and forward, appropriate for the first month of the new year). February was named for a Roman ritual of purification, Februa. But, of course, February is best known for Valentine's Day. And this year, it's more special than ever before, since I am actually in LOVE in the worst best way, lol. Moving on...

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