15 February 2011

Morning Vent, 15 February 2011

 Uzi GungalTM has excellent trigger discipline!

    Had a wonderful, if busy, Valentine's Day with my Pretty Gal. There are no words for how awesome it is to love and be loved they way Effie and I love each other. It's amazing to not have to do anything together other tha simply be together. I've never been happier in my entire life! And, truly, I've never known true happiness before. Everything before my darling Effie just pales by comparison! Effie, darling, I love you!! I will love you forever. Promise.

    As the 7 or 8 (LOL!) regular readers of the HQ may have noticed, I've occasionally included a Call of Duty related graphic, usually of a humorous nature. Lately, the CoD pics have been derivatives of the 'Scumbag Steve' meme currently popular on the internet. I've included the Know Your Meme link for it just in case you were wondering why hip-hop hats are appearing on Call of Duty pics.
    Moving on...

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