16 February 2011

Morning Vent, 16 February 2011

Jeep GungalTM likes her guns really big!

[Update since the midnite auto-post: Home sick today, dizzy & nauseous. Going to rest some today and try to go in tomorrow.]

    It's back to work today on a 3-night rotation away from my Pretty Gal. I miss her already, but it's a wonderful feeling that she's at home waiting for me. I love you, baby! I'll be home soon as I can.
    I've been having some trouble gaming lately due to my hands getting cold down in the HQ bunker. so I looked on Amazon and found some el cheapo fingerless gloves to help keep my mitts from freezing. Have a look:

    Not exactly elegant, but it's better than freezing, lol. Haven't had much time for gaming lately, as my dance card has been pretty full (with joyous things, thank the Lord!). I'm thinking of getting at least one copy of Duke Nukem Forever, so that Reibo and I can try it out. I never played any of the previous Duke Nukem games, believe it or not. I went straight from Wolfenstein 3D to the Bethesda Terminator games to Quake and then to Half-life and Unreal Tournament, so I figured I might as well get the long-awaited DNF to see what all the fuss was about. And, of course, the new game has newer technology, which means better-looking strippers, lol.  Moving on...

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