22 February 2011

Morning Vent, 22 February 2011

Cosplay GungalTM gives us a better look at her big guns gun.

     Missing my Sweet Gal awfully much today after we were spoiled by three straight days together!! Warmed by her Love, it's so, so difficult to be away from her!! I love you, Honey!! Missing you so much!!
    If all has gone well, the Robotic Overlords have been auto-posting here at the HQ while my Sweet Gal and I enjoyed our weekend away. If not, well, appy-polly-lodges to all. Away from my Pretty Gal today as I prep for an ass-whupping in Black Ops from Matt and Reibo. I anticipate the Joker carnage (on the receiving end,) will be brutal, lol. Moving on...

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