27 February 2011

Morning Vent, 27 February 2011

Patent leather GungalTM shows off her full stock Commando carbine...

    Back home to my beloved Effie today, as the last work night draws to a close! Soon as the whistle blows, I'll grab a shower and a nap & then be rocketing home to her waiting arms!! Effie, I love you, baby!! I'll be home in a few hours. Nothing even comes close to being that awesome: Coming home and taking my Sweet Gal in my arms!!
    My beloved and I are having dinner at her son's new apartment today, so it's a joyous occasion in that respect, too. I have to be a good boy, tho, as I have a blood test early in the AM, anticipating next week's appointment with the formidable and implacable Doctor Anti-House. 
    Prolly no gaming to speak of this week, as it's only 3 days off, and a lot of stuff to accomplish in that limited amount of time, too. Moving on...

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