07 February 2011

Morning Vent, 7 February 2011

Hair-Dye GungalTM needs trigger discipline.
At least, to start off with, lol...

    Missed my lovely Effie a lot today, but Reibo and I did have fun at Casa Craft. (Thanks for having us over, Matt!! Reibo and I had a really great time!) My beloved was still recovering from her chest cold, so she needed her rest! I love you, baby! Hope you're feeling better today!

Nerf Fergie, lol...
 (Credit: shmageggy on Reddit Gaming)

    The Super Bowl The Big Game (am I gonna get sued by the NFL for calling it by its proper name?) was pretty exciting - or would have been if it was the Jets playing, lol. The half-time show was, I thought, just awful. I'm not a huge fan of The Black-Eyed Peas to begin with, and the costumes, apparently inspired by World of Warcraft in Fergie's case, were distinctly underwhelming. My favorite half-time show of all time was Shania Twain, who not only gave a knock-out performance, but also was herself a knock-out, period. Even more disappointing were the commercials. All of them were definitely Meh! material.

    Reibo and I have played a little Call of Duty: Black Ops team deathmatch against the bots, and something seems to have changed: They seem to have gotten smarter. Those AI bastards are flanking more, and they're using their grenades a lot more. They still have the incredibly infuriating flawless aim, too. They target you with improbable short range weapons at long range. They aim their weapons at you before you actually are in sight or in hearing distance. It's still disconcerting to watch the killcam afterward and see them whirl 180 degrees to put their weapon on you! 
    Just a reminder that the blog will be on a Valentine's Day slowdown, as I'm hoping to be away on holiday with my beloved. Moving on...

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