10 March 2011

Morning Vent, 10 March 2011

 3D-graphics GungalTM knows nothing accessorizes a peasant blouse like a .50 caliber sniper rifle.

    The 1st night at work is about half-way done as the beneficent Blogger Robotic Overlords auto-post this on Joker961's HQ. That means that I'm one night closer to taking my beloved Effie back in my arms!! Lord, the 4 night work rotation is incredibly long away from my beloved! But it's all OK, since at the end, I get to hug and kiss my Pretty Gal again!! I love you, baby!! I'll be home soon!! 
    In life, everyone acquires tastes for particular things; favorite drinks, foods, etc. I've been partial the last couple of years to a particular mustard, Nance's Sharp and Creamy

 Yes, this was the best mustard in the Universe...

    The formula has recently been changed to a gluten-free variety, and it tastes like ass - at best. So, wherever I shop for groceries, I cruise the condiment aisle, my head swiveling back and forth like the Terminator, scanning for the Nance's bottle with the red cap (not the black cap, that's the ass-tasting variety). I scored two the other day and socked one away and left one at my Pretty Gal's house. Moving on...

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