11 March 2011

Morning Vent, 11 March 2011

 Sniper GungalTM knows the importance of a steady rest for those 'reach out and touch someone' moments...

    Time marches on!! And I'm another night closer to kissing and hugging my beloved Effie!! Lord, I can't wait to go home to her loving arms!! Just two more nights to go, and I'll be heading home to my Pretty Gal!!
    I might try and hit the local gym this AM, if I'm not too tired after work. It's actually just 4 miles from the apartment and 6 miles from work, so that's not too terrible. I'll see how I feel after the ever-dreaded Thursday night set-ups.

CigarGalTM knows how to nibble a stogie!

    I'm slowly but surely plowing through the remains of my humidor. The other day, I enjoyed a very nice Montecruz Negra Cubana Petite (here's a whole page of reviews of Montecruz stogies at Puff.com). The Montecruz Petite I smoked was  a tad too tight, but it was quite spicy. Nicaraguan tobacco, I've found, is a bit stronger than others, and it was a nice change of pace from the milder brands I've been smoking. 

   Not very many left in the humidor, lol. Moving on...

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