20 March 2011

Morning Vent, 20 March 2011 (Spring Equinox)

 Don't know what video game this GungalTM is in... but she rocks in her fishnets.

    Had a wonderful day with my Pretty Gal!! Tho it was only three nights, this week away from her seemed endless. There are no words for how happy we were to be reunited yesterday!! More fix-up work today, and more standing around looking clueless for me. But that's OK since I'll be near my beloved, the only place I ever want to be. Effie, darling!! I love you! It's wonderful to be home!
    Today is the Spring Equinox. Spring begins at 7:21 EDT in the United States. I'm home with my loving gal, and it's just awesome!! Our first Spring together has begun!! Moving on...

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