09 March 2011

Morning Vent, 9 March 2011

 Flag bikini GungalTM likes a big magazine...

    Back to work today, starting the dread 4-banger work week away from my beloved Effie. But my Pretty Gal and I make it through the week by lotsa chatting online and texting back and forth. Lord, hoping this week goes quick! But it's all good: Come Sunday, I'm heading South at warp speed to my loving gal's welcoming arms!! I love you, Effie! I'll be home as quick as I can!! 

    Monday morning, on the way to the redoubtable Doctor Anti-House's office, I saw this sight above: The mountains (hills, really) with all the tree branches sheathed in ice. It was an awe-inspiring sight that got me to actually stop my Jeep in the middle of the road to snap this quick pic. Moving on...

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