24 April 2011

Morning Vent, 24 April 2011 (Easter Sunday)

 No GungalTM today... She's gone to church.

    Today, is Easter Sunday, a special day for those of the Christian faith. Tho I am one of the Fallen, I still feel my Faith very strongly, tho not in an organized way. This day speaks strongly to me because I feel often as if I have come back, been resurrected by Love and Faith, the boundless Faith and Love that God brought me through my beloved Effie. Today, she and I also mark another anniversary month, our fifth together, as a couple. I pray with all my Heart, the One Heart that my beloved and I share, that the Lord will continue to bless us and you, my friends, with love and joy all the days of our lives! 
   This morning, I'm going to watch an infantry squad's worth of kids hunt for Easter Eggs with my Sweet Gal! Our first Easter and our fifth month together!! Awesome! Moving on...

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