29 April 2011

Morning Vent, 29 April 2011

 Camo top GungalTM takes aim...

    As this auto-posts on the HQ, I should be on the brink of heading back down South to my Pretty Gal!! If all the stars aligned, hopefully, I'm packing my gear in the Jeep and headed for the Thruway within the hour of this posting. My Sweet Gal is home, hopefully dreaming sweet dreams, while I'm on my way back to her loving arms. We have a busy couple of days, with a long, arduous appointment on Friday morning and possibly Junior Olympics to attend on Saturday, so it will be a very hectic weekend. 
    Not much news on the gaming front. I felt a bit under the weather on Tuesday, with my beat up knee joints aching more than usual, so I skipped the gym and got in a little bit of Black Ops against the bots before I had to run errands. It was a nice break, and I was already feeling a bit down, since I was leaving my beloved Effie the next day for work. So, I might plug that into my schedule on a regular basis, other requirements permitting. So, the tentative plan is to skip my gym time on Tuesday morning and reacquaint myself with Black Ops.
    It's especially compelling now that Hardcore has been added, allegedly, to the Combat Training mode. That will be especially interesting for me, since I've always been a hardcore guy, lol. Moving on...

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