13 May 2011

Morning Vent, 13 May 2011

 GungalTM accessorizes her MG42 with shades...

   By the time this blog would have auto-posted on the HQ, the 1st work night was almost one-half done, and I was already counting the hours till I can go home to my beloved Effie!! Just a 3 night rotation this week, thankfully, and we have a bit of a break coming with the Memorial Day holiday coming up. My Pretty Gal and I will have the rare chance to spend a whole weekend together!! So looking forward to it!! Effie, Honey, I love you!! I'll be home soon!!! 
    So, blogger.com has been down the past couple of days, and the blog hasn't been updated properly because of that. Hopefully, the worst of that is behind us, and we can return to business as usual now. Moving on...

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