17 May 2011

Morning Vent, 17 May 2011

 GungalTM has accessorized
her heels with comped UPS .45s...

    Had a couple wonderful days with my Sweet Gal! I get to see her again tonight, too, as we're having dinner again together. Tomorrow, I have to start the 4 night work rotation, which is always tough. Hate being away from my gal for such a long stretch, but I'm trusting in God that he'll make the nights go quick and bring me back home to my beloved Effie that much sooner!
    Been a little tired the past couple of days, and I've been ducking my blogging obligations. I did get a chance to get online and play a little the other day. I've been playing a little bit against those wily Black Ops bots, too. Moving on...

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