02 May 2011

Morning Vent, 2 May 2011

 GungalTM Jessie Abbate manages her recoil well...

    Had a wonderful day with my Sweet Gal yesterday, tho our brunch was more low key than I had intended. Afterward, we made a trip to the photo studio to have some pics of us taken, and they came out really great! Looking forward to seeing my Pretty Gal again in jsut a few hours!! Just can't wait!! 
    Think age is catching up with me a bit. My body seems to want more sleep than I've been giving it. I just don't feel very energetic unless I sleep at least 5-6 hours, and 7-8 seem to be better. I'm going to have to work out some schedule for myself to integrate the gym, blogging, and gaming into there more seamlessly. I'm not making it to the gym as often as I should be, and blogging is taking its time slot. Gaming, I've kinda decided should be on the back burner for me, for time and monetary reasons. Reibo is getting the DLC for Black Ops and Homeland (the latter game I've yet to even see the single player on), but I'll have to wait till after payday to download mine. 

 (Credit: Jeremyz0r on Reddit Gaming)

    I haven't been a regular news watcher for quite a while, since it was really bad for my blood pressure, so I've only just heard that our soldiers caught up to Osama Bin Laden last night and sent his ass straight to Hell on a flaming chariot. No better world news could have come my way, short of Peace unexpectedly breaking out all over the world. I recall driving home from work and hearing on the radio the Saddam Hussein was captured, and I'm sad that we won't Osama's murdering ass in an orange jumpsuit. But having him on the express train to the Ninth Circle of Hell is a close second. Hooahh! Moving on...

 (Credit: Ravenloft on Reddit Gaming)

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