07 July 2011

Morning Vent, 7 July 2011

 Videogame GungalTM Alyx Vance from Half-life 2...

    Back at work, and as this auto-posts on the HQ, the 1st work night is about half over. I'm missing my Pretty Gal bad. The short work week, coming as it does after the very brief 3 day break, sometimes seems even more hard to bear than the 4 banger! It's all right, tho, because come Saturday, I'll be back in my beloved Effie's arms again!! Lord, I can't wait!!

    I played a bit more Black Ops against the bots this week. Lord knows I need the practice, lol. I also got online for a teensy bit of Toontown, tho I had been neglecting my gag tree, and it had withered, lol. Going to try and get on today and water it and my flowers, at least. Moving on...

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