13 August 2011

Morning Vent, 13 August 2011

GungalTM needs a better grip on her shotgun!

    As this auto-posts on the HQ, the 3rd work night is about half over, and my anticipation is really building!! In just one more night, it'll be time for me to go home to my beloved Effie!! It's a big week this week, with family visiting, and a lot of prep ongoing for the big Fish Fry on Saturday!! I'll be cutting the week short, coming back to the HQ bunker on Friday morning to get a tray of ziti ready for the shindig!! Lord, I can't wait to be home with my Sweet Gal!! Effie, honey, I love you!! I'll be home tomorrow!!
    Friday was a 'Dawn of the Dead' awakening for me. I woke up uncharacteristically tired, even after sleeping almost 7 hours. After chatting with my Sweet Gal on Skype for a while, I napped for almost two hours more. I felt a little better, but still abnormally tired. I'm really, really, really hoping this is just the tail end of the bug I had last week, and not the beginning of some new affliction.
    Finally, today's featured vid is atypically not a Call of Duty video. It's a Source-based Goldeneye PC mod, showing some classic-style gameplay rendered with the Half-life 2 Source engine. It's a free game, FWIW. Maybe it's symptomatic of my fatigue with the Call of Duty franchise, but I wanted to feature something different for a change. Moving on...

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