14 August 2011

Morning Vent, 14 August 2011

Dance Hall GungalsTM love their water-cooled machinegun...

    And the last work night is drawing to a close as this auto-posts on the HQ, and I'm very, very glad indeed. In just a few hours, I'll be zooming back home to my Pretty Gal!! Lord, I can't wait to be in her arms again!! My energy level still hasn't recovered to my pre-sickness point, and I'm hoping that the next few days off, plus a short work week in preparation for the Fish Fry on Saturday, will have me right as rain again!! 
    No gaming today, as packing up for the trip home left me no time to go on Toontown. Might be able to get a bit in tomorrow with my Sweet Gal, if time permits!! Moving on...

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