15 August 2011

Morning Vent, 15 August 2011

GungalTM makes a fetching boarding party member...

    Back home with my Sweet Gal, and all's right with the world at last!! It's a short work week this week, as I take Friday off to prep a tray of ziti for the Saturday Fish Fry shindig.
    On the gaming front, I'm a bit torn about whether I should get a new game or not. I have a couple of Amazon discount coupons gathering dust (the benefits of pre-ordering games last year), so I could pick some games on the relative cheap. Fact of the matter is, I just don't know whether I'll play enough to make the purchase worthwhile at all. I have some mild interest in Duke Nukem Forever, based on the lol value of the Duke character. And I'm somewhat intrigued by the Bodycount game, since I loved (but never managed to finish, lol) its spiritual predecessor, Black. It's a dubious move, I guess, since the creator of Black, Stuart Black, bolted from the Bodycount development team last year. And, yeah, come November, I guess there's Modern Warfare 3. I'll play it just to rip on what will almost certainly be a completely WTF? storyline. Moving on...

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