22 August 2011

Morning Vent, 22 August 2011

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM Angelina Jolie loves her twin USPs...

    My Sweet Gal goes back to work today as I try to gear up for some online gaming Tuesday. It's been an eon since I've played any multiplayer other than bots (and not much of that either, lol), so it'll be a novel experience having my ass handed to me in a basket by human beings, rather than Xbox-controlled 'practice dummies'. The jury is still out on which is more infuriating, tho. I'm sure the ass-whuppings I'll receive will color my blog vent for Wednesday morning. 
    The Fish Fry was truly awesome. There was great music, much dancing, and some fantastic food. Fried catfish was delicious; tons of french fries and home-mad hush puppies added to the carb-fest. And my contribution to the calorie fest? Well, here it is:

    But it was the hanging together that was truly great!! But best of all, it was another first with my beloved Effie: The first Fish Fry we shared together. And nothing, truly, is better than that! 
    I'm seeing my honey again this afternoon. Awesome!! Moving on...

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