08 August 2011

Morning Vent, 8 August 2011

GungalTM needs a sammich... and trigger finger discipline!!

    It's wonderful to be home with my beloved Effie again!! We had a fine time at the Ulster County Fair on Saturday. The rain mostly held off. Mostly, lol. By the time we got really getting rained on, my beloved and I were all faired out. Admission was $15, but all the rides were free, so kids both big and small had a blast trying out the different rides. The food was good, but county fair prices made me grumble about vendors needing eyepatches to go with their pirate cutlasses. Still, since the rides were free, there were plenty of enjoyable things for the kids to do. The kids had a great time!! I'd rather pay a premium for food than have to pay over and over and over again at each attraction. 
    And my gal and I? We were both feeling a little better, we were together, and that was all either of us wanted, needed, and cared about! Effie, I love you, honey!! It was wonderful to be back home with you!! 
    Finally, I want to make a specific mention of a Facebook app by Intel called The Museum of Me. It collects Facebook data (with your permission) from your account and then makes a dazzling multimedia display of it. It's dynamic, changing every time you play it. I just revisited it this week, and, as before, it was beautiful and moving for me. (The most repeated words on the Wall of Words were 'Love', 'Gal', and 'Hug', so that made me cry right there.) Give it a try. Moving on...

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