13 September 2011

Morning Vent, 13 September 2011

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM has a cute toy M203...

    Savoring my last day at home with my beloved Effie before the three-night work rotation. We're still catching up together on things that need doing, but loving that we're able to be close. No matter what we do, being together makes it special and awesome!
    As the blog is being prepared ahead of time, I'm not quite sure what the activities of the day will entail. There's boocoo clean-up to be done at the HQ, and I'm sure there'll be things my Pretty Gal and I need to get done in order to be ready for a big family event coming up next month.
    Today is something of a special day, as I mark 26 years since I enlisted in the US Army and 24 years since I ETSed out. It sure doesn't seem like that much time has passed! It seems like only yesterday I was sweating out my enlistment, and, all of a sudden, I was back in civilian life. 
    Later this month, I'll celebrate my birthday (while away at work, no less) and mark another milestone on my inevitable , reluctant journey into decrepitude, lol. But I'm going kicking and screaming. I'm watching my health as best I can. I really should be exercising more, but it's difficult to make the time for that in my daily schedule. It would pretty much mean giving up blogging, I think, and I want to keep it up. A few folks, at least, seem to share my interests in games, gaming, and gamers, so it's a worthwhile endeavor. Moving on...

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