23 September 2011

Morning Vent, 23 September 2011

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM accessorizes her nylons with a pump-action...

    As this auto-posts on the HQ, the second night is about half over and I'm counting the days and nights till I'm back with my beloved Effie!! Lord, I can't wait for this week to be over!! Effie, I love you, honey!! I'll be home on Sunday!!
    Never got a chance to do any gaming this week, as there was too much going on at the HQ and in preparation for next month's big event. (No, I'm not telling yet. I'm sure most can guess, but I'll be mentioning it in Saturday's blog entry.) I prolly won't get much gaming done this week, either. I'll likely have more junkyard runs to do on Monday and Tuesday morning with Reibo, as we attempt to clear out some 20 years worth of accumulated crap at the HQ. Moving on...

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