15 October 2011

Morning Vent 15 October 2011

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM should know there are some weapons that even snow camouflage can't conceal...

    Back home now, and my beloved Effie and I are making the final preparations for the wedding. She finished the three wedding cakes yesterday, and they look beautiful. Truly. She did one classic yellow with strawberry filling, one chocolate (hey, you can never have enough chocolate!) with peanut butter filling, and one 'funfetti' with vanilla filling. I'm going to throw the dietary rule book away on Sunday and sample all three! There may not be much blogging over the next few days, as my Sweet Gal and I have a brief honeymoon scheduled this week, followed by some other real-life stuff that needs to be taken care of.
    I wound up sleeping late Friday, getting up at more less the time I usually get up to start getting ready for work. The head cold is getting better, and I'm still hoping and praying that I'll be better for our wedding on Sunday! (It was pretty dang annoying not to be able to kiss my Pretty Gal on Friday when I got home, I can tell you!!) But runny nose or not, my Sweet Gal and I have a date with the preacher. (And the preacher will be patient, I know, since she'll be my sister-in-law after the ceremony! We're totally keeping the wedding in the family, lol!) 
    On the gaming front, the pre-Call of Duty release malaise has set in, with little news trickling out. In the meantime, it's gonna be Sandy Ravage week on the blog. If you aren't familiar with Sandy Ravage, you can visit the Sandy Ravage interview on 2Old2Play, see the Sandy Ravage page on the HQ or visit his awesome YouTube channel
    Speaking of gaming, I fulfilled a minor personal quest this morning when I found a wiki reference to one of the very first PC games I ever played, the AI chatterbot, Racter. It was an eerie simulation of a text conversation with an artificial intelligence, and even then, in the late 80s, I mused that Racter was more interesting than some real people I knew. Moving on...

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