18 October 2011

Morning Vent, 18 October 2011

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM Lara Croft accessorizes her cocktail minidress and heels with twin comped USP .45s...

    It's back home with my Pretty Wife today, and we've got a lot of post-wedding clean up to do as we settle into married life. As this blog entry is being prepped ahead of time, I can't absolutely predict that married life will feel different for me. I'm thinking not, since my beloved Effie and I have been One Heart for a long, long time. It's a cliche, perhaps, to say 'soulmates' and 'made for each other', but it's true for us, certainly. (In fact, my new son and his wife both commented to Effie and me that they thought we had known each other since high school!) All the decisions and misdecisions had a purpose in our lives: They led us to this moment, this happiness that we will share the rest of our lives, the Good Lord willing. Moving on...

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