13 January 2012

Morning Vent, 13 January 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM Lindsay Lohan shows little trigger discipline in Machete...

    As this auto-posts on the HQ, the second of four nights is over, and I'm already starting the countdown to going home to my beloved Effie!! We sure were spoiled during the Holidays, and it's making this week tougher than most. But come Sunday morning, I'll be on my way home to her as soon as the work night is done!! I love you, honey!! I'll be home on Sunday!! 
    On the gaming front, I haven't resolved my Call of Duty: Black Ops laptop start up problem yet. I didn't venture forth into Ravenholm on Wednesday or Thursday, either, tho I did some maintenance on the laptop in an effort to get Black Ops to run on it. No success yet, lol, so it may be a lost cause, after all. I'm pondering whether I should retrieve the Xbox 360 from the HQ bunker, after all. Truly, tho, there isn't all that much time for gaming, whether on my work days or when chilling at home. The prospect of hauling an Xbox all over Hell's creation isn't appealing, either. Gaming bud Matt64 has a nifty Xbox 360 carrying case, but I already haul around a laptop to keep in touch with my Effie. I'm reluctant to add an oh-so-delicate gaming console to the number of things I lug back and forth between home and points North, lol. Moving on...

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