15 January 2012

Morning Vent, 15 January 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM Alison Carol kicks it as Lara Croft...

    As this auto-posts on the HQ, I should be minutes from home and minutes from holding my Pretty Gal in my arms. It's been a long, long work week, but everything will be right with the world again in just a few minutes. It's the most wonderful thing in the world to be home with my beloved wife. But it's almost as wonderful to be on the way home to her sweet smile and loving arms!! Effie, honey, I love you!! I'll be home in a few minutes!! 
    No news on the gaming front, as I was too pooped this week to do any gaming at the Albany apartment. I was generally just too tired this week. I got skunked on shopping till Saturday morning, too, but I wisely made a stop on the way up to work and got the essentials for the work week, so all was well, after all. Moving on...

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