24 January 2012

Morning Vent, 24 January 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM Milla Jovovich takes aim in Resident Evil: Retribution...

    My beloved Effie had to work yesterday afternoon (and she's off to work in the wee hours now till midday), and I got skunked on a trip back to the old HQ, as Reibo was tied up all day with odd jobs there. I took the opportunity of being on my own (with grandkids swarming all over me) to catch up on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the Wii. Once again, I was impressed by how cheesy the movement is with the furshlugginer Wiimote. It's basically just reeling about like the proverbial drunken sailor until you happen to stumble in the right direction to make things happen. Not that you actually have to do much more than get from Point A to Point B in some cases. I reached some checkpoints literally without firing a shot in anger. (Tho, truth to tell, I often wanted to cut loose with some friendly fire on my dumbass AI team-mates.) In a very short amount of time, I learned to hate that floating 'Follow' button heartily. I found that enthusiastically butt-rubbing Captain Price when that dang 'Follow' button was illuminated over his mutton-chop sideburns was sometimes not enough to make him lead me in the direction a level wanted me to go. Another intensely annoying incident was a point where the NPCs were supposed to go ahead and clear a path. I wound up getting a little bit ahead of my squad for a bit for a change, and I spent a good ten minutes repeatedly hurling myself to my death from a ledge until I let one of them go first. I finally quit in disgust when I had to follow another NPC on a timed course through winding stairways... in the dark... without a light... Rather than let my blood pressure redline repeatedly, I quit while I was behind and went to update the blog and think about making some dinner, lol.
    Besides vampires, zombies have been a long-time interest of mine. And it looks like there'll be another entry in the Resident Evil franchise coming up: Resident Evil: Retribution. Looking at the Internet Movie Database entry for the film, it appears a lot of favorites from the first two movies are making return appearances. Repeated gungal Michelle Rodriguez is back (somehow) as the ultra badass Rain Ocampo, and that certainly piques my interest, lol. Moving on...

Bonus Penny Mathis shot for Gul74 of 2Old2Play

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