29 January 2012

Morning Vent, 29 January 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 Freudian GungalTM cools off her barrel...

    If all goes well, I'll be already home to my Sweet Gal when this posts on the HQ. I planned a half-night at work, leaving around 1AM Sunday to nap till daylight, followed by a rocket-fast ride home to my beloved Effie!! Sadly, Junior's burpee-day party today, a bowling party, had to be postponed. Little brother Alex came down with an ear infection and had to be rushed to the emergency room yesterday morning with a high fever. He's on meds now and, pray the Lord, on the mend.
   With January almost over, I really, really have to buckle down and get my Valentine's Day stuff in order. Have to ponder that over the days off and get it all sorted out in time for the day. Some chocolate is a given, lol. (It's a rule: 'You can never have enough chocolate!')  I'm fond of giving jewelry, but my gal is hard to shop for since she's allergic to most metals used for jewelry.
   No gaming news to speak of, since I've been on a very low energy mode all week. I played MoH: AA the one day, but never got back on to do any more missions. I've been thinking I should dig up my old copies of Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 and replay them, once I finish Medal of Honor: Allied Assault off. Moving on...

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