21 February 2012

Morning Vent, 21 February 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalsTM show off good shooting habits...

     My Sweet Wife was called into work today for a few hours, so I'm pretty much on my own today for a while. We got our taxes done yesterday with a minimum of muss and fuss, and then we did a few errands and headed straight back home. This afternoon, my beloved and I have to head back to the optometrist to get her prescription tweaked. Mine turned out unusually good, but hers was a bit off.
     Not much gaming for me lately, as there really hasn't been a lot of time, really. I played one abortive round of Killing Floor, and I was impressed at how smoothly it ran on my distinctly underpowered laptop. I'll have to take it out for more of a spin when time permits. The game is an interesting hybrid of gameplay elements of Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, and Gears of Wars' 'horde mode'. Moving on...

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