27 February 2012

Morning Vent, 27 February 2012

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM sports a spiffy leather garter belt...

    It's a short weekend at home, but it looks to be jam packed! My Sweet Gal has two appointments this morning, and she and I are going to make another attempt to hit the optometrist this afternoon. We got skunked last week due to events beyond our control, so we had to reschedule for today. Fingers crossed to see if we make it this afternoon, lol.

    As you can see above, I added a banner/divider for the blog to differentiate the vent portion from any gaming related ramblings I might put in. It's Cowboy from Medal of Honor, and now that there's a follow up announced, I'm looking forward maybe to playing MoH again, if it turns out to be released on a platform I have access to. My old Xbox is still over at the old HQ, tho I'm increasiningly thinking I should haul that bad boy home, seeing as how I'm paying for an Xbox Live membership or two on it, lol. 
    I played a couple of short solo Killing Floor matches in between chores on Saturday, and, boy, that is really not a solo game. Whoever can make it past a few waves, even on 'Beginner' settings, must be an FPS badass, lol. Even on the only the second wave, the zombies flood in so fast, one player can't keep up alone. Moving on...

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