05 February 2012

Morning Vent, 5 February 2012

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM Barbara has an itchy trigger finger...

    It's wonderful to be home!!! My Sweet Gal had hot coffee ready for me when I got home, and she saved some great fudge for me to snack on with my post-nap coffee, lol! Sadly, Reibo and family were all down hard with a bad stomach bug, so we were skunked on our scheduled Dead Lonster feast!!
    Today is Superbowl Sunday, and I don't think there are any festivities planned for today, lol. The Jets aren't playing, so my interest, as minimal as it might have been, is officially nil. If the game happens to be on at home, I'll watch, but otherwise, my reaction is Meh.
    I never did get back to Call of Duty during the work week. The last day at work is usually a clean up and packing up day, so there's usually not that much time for gaming. Maybe I'll try to get in some gameplay this week at home, chores and home life permitting. Replaying the original classic, I can certainly see how critics of the Call of Duty franchise accuse it of repetitiveness. The game is structured more or less like a rail shooter, except that the relative freedom of the player on the game map means that you can sometimes miss necessary game triggers. The annoying compass that guides you is often less than helpful in getting you where you need to go. Subsequent installments of the series have made things even more annoying by raining bullet-laden death on the player if he strayed two inches off the path to the next event trigger.
    I noted with some great pride and no small satisfaction that over on the 2Old2Play Joker961 blog, I quietly broke 100,000 views recently and moved into the top 5 all time bloggers. That is an amazing thing, and I'm eternally grateful to those who frequent my humble blog there. My thanks, one and all, for reading my news and ramblings!
    Incidentally, those who visit the blogger version of Joker961's HQ got a teensy extra yesterday: My own twisted take on the 80s action flick, Roadhouse. That magnum opus has been sitting in my blog drafts for well over a year, so you didn't miss much if you skipped it, lol. Moving on...

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