18 March 2012

Morning Vent, 18 March 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 Mistress Chief GungalTM about to get down and dirty...

    If all the stars aligned (and I didn't pass out from exhaustion, lol), my lovely missus and I managed to haul down to Dead Lobster to join Mama Joker for another cholesterol-laden feast. After the prolonged wait we had the last time, Mama Joker decided to call ahead and reserve a table. Tomorrow, I have to haul down to the old HQ to help Papa Joker do his taxes... I was really hoping to avoid this chore, since I sincerely hate doing taxes, for sure, but I got roped into it anyway and have to follow through.

    Although the Halo 4 hype machine hasn't swung into full gear yet, there's some momentum building. I like Halo. It actually got me back into gaming after quite a long hiatus, for what that's worth. But I just feel that the series has been consistently adulterated from its purest form with each new sequel. I really enjoyed the gameplay of the original Halo, especially since it could be tweaked for custom play. I fondly recall mowing Reibo and Matt64 down with the battle rifle on the truly classic Halo: Combat Evolved map, Prisoner. Today's featured vid is the Anniversary Edition spin onn that classic map with an Oddball match. It kinda makes me sorry I didn't buy the Anniversary Edition, but whaddaya gonna do? Moving on...

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