24 March 2012

Morning Vent, 24 March 2012

GungalTM of the Day
Nurse GungalTM has a cure for my ills...

    Boy, was I sick. The canned blog which appeared on 21 March on the HQ was it for the week. I started feeling a bit iffy Tuesday afternoon while doing some shopping with my loving Effie. She noted that I was unusually cranky, and I guess I was. And, boy, my throat was sure feeling scratchy... Flash forward to Wednesday morning... And I can't walk a straight line. My head spins like crazy, throbs like a piston hammer is going off in it. And that goes on for two straight days. I'm feeling a lot better now, thanks to my Sweet Gal's pampering. But it sure wasn't how I wanted to spend some extra time at home!
    Despite that, my wife and I did manage to spend some quiet time together on Friday afternoon before work. She woke me when she got home from work, and we had lunch together before I had to haul North. It was truly an awesome day.

    Not much in the way of gaming news, but we're informally marking another anniversary once again here. It's the 24th, so that means it's one year and four months since my beloved and I went on our first date. It truly was Love at First Sight. And I fall in love with her all over again every single time I see her. Effie, I love you, my wife!! I'll be home tomorrow! Moving on...

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