26 March 2012

Morning Vent, 26 March 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 AirCav GungalTM likes her suppressed MAC...

    Wonderful to be home!! I actually got out of work about 10 minutes early, which was a nice break. I was home with my beloved Effie before 9AM!! We shared our morning coffee and then I took a little nap before getting up to go to the movies.
    Our grand-daughter Stephie had read The Hunger Games and been excited by the newly released movie. My beloved Effie had just finished the first book in the series, and she felt it was OK for Stephie and Shania, our next oldest, to see the movie with us. So my Effie and I took the two girls to a matinee yesterday and then to dinner at the local Chinese buffet.
    The movie turned out to be excellent. It had no moments of outright stupidity; on the contrary, the story and script were intelligent, the pacing of the story made almost two and half hours seem to go very quickly. The young actors were excellent; it was a stroke of genius to use unknowns in the roles. And they all were sincere and convincing.
   Not enough time for a full blown review, lol. But I can recommend the movie to fans of the science fiction genre. The movie does have some heavy-handed political and cultural overtones, but it doesn't let those 'moral' messages get in the way of the story. If you like dystopian SF, it's worth your time to see the movie.
    After the movie, we drove across the street to the Chinese Buffet, and the rules were off the table, lol. I had three big platefuls of great Chinese food, and dinner was spoiled. And maybe breakfast, too. It was a nice break, and the kids enjoyed it. Effie and I ate more than we should have, and we paid for it with that uncomfortable full feeling, for sure. But we don't get to eat out all that much, and it was wonderful to be able to treat the girls to dinner, too.

    Not much in the way of gaming news, as work and this dang cold has gotten in the way. I did watch my son play a few matches of Ground War yesterday, and it was just as much fun as playing myself. Maybe more, since he plays a whole lot better than I do, lol. Moving on...

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