28 March 2012

Morning Vent, 28 March 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM shows off her skin art concealed weapons...

    Back to work today for a short 3 night rotation. I'm starting off the week already ahead by not being sick as a dog. Tho the cold that sidelined me for about a week is lingering, the worst effects passed after the first 2-3 days. I'm hoping the weekend finds the return of my usual health and warmer weather, too.
    My beloved wife got called for an unusually long shift yesterday, starting around noontime and stretching right till our usual bedtime. I took the opportunity to run some errands and visit Mama and Papa Joker for the afternoon. Not much news at home, tho Mama Joker appeared to be doing a bit better, thank God.
    I'm hoping and praying that this work week goes quickly, bringing me back safe to my beloved Effie bright and early on Saturday morning!! Effie, honey, I love you!!! I'll be home in just 3 nights!!

    As of the time of this update, there's still no updated news on Robert Bowling's departure from Infinity Ward and Activision. If anything pops up on my (admittedly slow) radar screen, I'll add it to the blog links for tomorrow. Moving on...

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