05 March 2012

Morning Vent, 5 March 2012

GungalTM of the Day
Silly GungalTM, there's no holster there!

    Bit of a late update today, as my Sweet Gal and I went out to dinner with Mama Joker and the family last night to celebrate her birthday. It was a great dinner at Dead Lobster, but, hoo boy, did it take a long time to get seated and served. There were no less than 6 birthday parties all going on there at the same time, so we had to endure a long famishing wait for our table. Matt and his missus were there, and Reibo and family, and close family friends, too. It was an awesome meal, and we all had a real great time. It was wonderful to see Mama Joker looking and feeling better. My Pretty Gal and I were pretty thrashed by the time we got on home. We had a bit of trouble sleeping, waking up a couple of times when Alex woke up crying. Still and all, it was a bitter night's sleep than either of us have had lately. I'm on my own for a bit at home while my Sweet Gal goes off to a training class (unpaid, lol).

    Slow news on the gaming front. I downloaded a chess game for my spiffy Android phone. I played a short while before I realized that the Android phone was going to roundly kick my ass at chess, and I resigned the game, lol. We went out yesterday and invested a little of our tax refund on buying new phones. Effie and I are trying to cut expenses, so we opted for the same model Samsung Intercept for her and our grand-daughter, too. Stephie, who takes after her Grandma in gaming and tech savvy, was a little dubious about the phone at first, but she seems to really like it. I love the dang thing, myself. It's awesome to be part of the 21st Century, lol. Moving on...

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