18 April 2012

Evening Vent, 18 April 2012

   Starting the four banger work rotation, and I really miss my beloved Effie. The days off seemed to go so very fast. It was a bit quicker than usual this week, as she got extra hours to work, and, since we can't turn down work, for sure, she clocked in all of them. But it's all OK. Come Sunday morning, I'll be back home with my Sweet Gal, and everything will be right with the world again.
   Well, no gungal today... I'm updating from work, and it seems the blogger site isn't supporting the version of Internet Explorer on the decrepit breakroom computers anymore... That means that my usual routine of blogging from work during breaks is over for good. I can't update the blog in this fashion. Half the menus are blocked off, and the post lists don't appear at all. So that, as they say, is that.
    I managed to play quite a bit of Call of Duty 4 multiplayer on the laptop this week. My Sweet Gal worked some long, long hours, and I had the house to myself for half the day yesterday. I also managed to get on this afternoon, as my wife was again racking up the work hours. We missed out on our Skype chat, but I managed to get onto the laptop for some Call of Duty 4 multiplayer. I must say, I suck pretty hard. But I'm improving a bit. I had some lucky breaks, including clocking a guy with a stun grenadem, right in the head. Another really, really good one was ventilating this guy's ass as he lay in the prone on top of a tin roof on the Ambush map. That was a stellar moment, to be sure. I was number two on that free-for-all server for a while, running rampant with the mini-Uzi. But then some boho got one with a deagle making some really, really suspect headshots from some really, really suspect distances. But whatever... I had fun, and that's the main thing.
    So, whither the blog? I dunno. The problem with the workstation PCs is going to seriously reduce my blogging time. I've been used to getting a lot of my prepping done during breaktime. Now, that's over. I usually don't like to take free time at home to set up blogs. My gal and I have precious little time due to our work schedules, so if we can be together, we try to be together. I'll have to figure it out. Time, as always, will tell. And everything happens for a reason, as my beloved Effie and I like to say.

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