14 April 2012

Morning Vent, 14 April 2012

GungalTM of the Day
GungalTM looks spiffy in camouflage face paint...

    As this auto-posts on the HQ, I should be home, having coffee with my beloved Effie!! As is usually the case with the three banger work week, it has seemed a lot longer than usual. I think, in this case, it was worse because the first day seemed so extra long for me and my gal. We got up at 'oh dark thirty' to get ready for her to head off to a loooooonnnnnng day of protocol driving, and that long workday kept us from doing our usual Skype chatting. Still, no matter, I'm home, having coffee with my honey, and that's what really matters!! Effie, my sweet gal, I love you!! It's wonderful to be home with you again!!!

    Tho I didn't game this work week, I did spend some time googling my HDMI problem on Call of Duty 4. And... nada. Zilch. I haven't given up, but it's looking pretty bleak for me right about now. The 15 inch LCD monitor on the laptop is kinda difficult for me to see without reading glasses, and the bifocals just don't do it for me. I'll have to keep looking until I find the solution. Of course, the solution might be for me to play on the Xbox. If I had my Xbox, that is... It's still over at Pop's, and still no luck getting it out of there. Moving on...

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