11 May 2012

Morning Vent, 11 May 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 All GungalTM needs is a sidearm and she's ready for a Three Gun Match...

    If all the stars have aligned, this blog entry will auto-post the HQ after my first work night back, and the final (short) work night is tonight. The big yard sale is on for Saturday, so I hope to be nice and fresh when the eager customers come rolling into the neighborhood, on the hunt for bargains, lol.

    As I had blogged earlier, the Blogger website 'dashboard' is going to be updated, rendering me update-less at work. It seems something is amiss with the new dashboard, as the banner at the top of the webpage has changed from 'coming in May' to 'in the upcoming months'. So it seems I'll be having a blogging reprieve until the Blogger people get the bugs ironed out. Moving on...

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