09 May 2012

Morning Vent, 9 May 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 Today's GungalTM knows silence is golden...

    Well, real-life events have intervened and kept me home an extra day this week. Tho it was due to some trouble popping up on the home front at the last minute, it means an extra day home with my beloved Effie. That's certainly a plus in my book, whatever the circumstances for it. Luckily, as I blogged earlier in the week, I'll be cutting the work week short by a few hours to get some shut-eye before the big yard sale on Saturday. Hopefully, we'll have fair weather and lots and lots of people wanting to buy our junk, lol.

    I blogged some time ago about the pending forced update on the Blogger website which would severely impact my capability to update blog entries from work. The change hasn't taken effect yet, thankfully, and fingers crossed that it won't. I did download the Blogger Android app for the spiffy smartphone my lovely missus got for me a few months back. But, alas, it appears to allow for editing only in HTML, which I'm surely not going to do on that teensy screen. Moving on...

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