11 June 2012

Morning Vent, 11 June 2012

GungalTM of the Day

Israeli GungalTM is ready to defend the beach bums...

    Monday is another favorite day of mine, since I don't have to work the day before or the day after, lol!! My Sweet Gal is also off today, so we'll (hopefully) have a nice quiet day together. You can never tell... There's always something that pops up to keep us busy, lol. No matter. Whatever it is, we'll be together, and that's what counts!! 

    It might be this week that I bite the bullet on the firmware upgrade on the XIM3 mouse and keyboard adapter for the Xbox 360. The Live headset issue is essentially resolved. I chatted with Matt64 quite nicely during our short gaming session together on Friday afternoon. That pretty much clears the board for a firmware update. Fingers crossed on doing that, assuming there's time. Moving on...

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