24 June 2012

Morning Vent, 24 June 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM displays the business end of her Desert Eagle...

    Wonderful to be back home again with my Sweet Gal!!! Not sure what we'll be doing today, but, whatever it is, it'll be awesome just because we're doing it together. If the stars align, maybe we'll be able to take in a showing of Snow White and the Huntsman (if we don't get to it on Saturday, that is), which the missus and I have wanted to see ever since we saw the previews during our screening of The Avengers

    Friday's Modern Warfare 3 matchmaking went a bit better, as I was more rested. But I played solo, and that's kind of a drag, for sure. When you play alone, you really, really have no one to count on. One thing that got old very quickly was the ear-piercing sound of the pre-pubescent Call of Duty players. Jeez, for a 'mature' rated game, there are a lot of kids playing who sound like they're barely six years old. I played mostly Barebones, Hardcore Ricochet TDM, and a little bit of Mercenary. I did OK, but I seemed to get into a lot of losing matches. Is it all that hard to make a match-making mechanic that doesn't plug you into games which have already started? Seriously? Moving on...

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