30 June 2012

Morning Vent, 30 June 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM should know whisky and Ruger .22s don't mix...

    As this auto-posts on the blog, the last work night (for me) is over, and I'm on my way home or, even better, already at home. My Sweet Gal and I will have morning coffee, sitting together at the dining room table. Lord, it's wonderful!! Effie, honey, I love you! It's awesome to be home!!
    After a nap, there are tentative plans to head out and do some shopping for a swimming pool. Nan has been thinking it would be great if the grandkids had a pool to play in, other than the kiddie pool, lol. We'll see if the stars align to make that happen.

        Some time back, I mentioned the Modern Warfare 3 Barebones playlist. I'm making more frequent use of it now, during my first prestige. I managed to go barely negative (down by 1 kill) in most matches on Barebones, and I did an amazing (for me) 14/3 in one Domination match. We lost that one, but, at least, I had a decent game, lol. Barebones is interesting because it means no Killstreak bonus factors in. It's just you and your guns, nothing else. I found myself wishing they had Barebones variants of other playlists, especially the Hardcore ones. One thing was moderately irritating, tho: Domination seemed to come up far, far too frequently on Barebones. Despite this and despite my distaste for the 'narc cam' that gives your position away to everyone you frag, it's still a breath of fresh air since there are no rains of Predator missiles from the sky and no annoying attack helicopters to rape you soon as you poke your head out a doorway. Moving on...

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