04 June 2012

Morning Vent, 4 June 2012

GungalTM of the Day

Dillon Calender GungalTM should rethink her concealment wardrobe...

    No plans for today that I'm aware of, but maybe my Sweet Gal and I can venture over to the old HQ bunker to see the folks. We'll see what happens, if the stars align to make that happen.

    I forgot to mention that I found my game video online on Friday morning. While I was having my breakfast cereal, I watched my efforts on that Groundwar match on Underground. My recollection was wrong, their were three other players positive on my team, and they were all far more positive than I was, lol. I tried saving the vid, using the Call of Duty Elite 'record' function, but I found out that you can't save a video of a whole match. (At least, not on the free level of Call of Duty Elite. And, since I don't have any current intention to buy any DLC for Call of Duty this year, I'm not popping for any membership on it.) The video recording feature looks like it will save about 5 minutes of footage, but I haven't had time to edit anything down this week. We'll see what happens. Moving on...

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