07 June 2012

Morning Vent, 7 June 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Queen Elizabeth II fires the SA80 LMG...

    As this auto posts on the HQ, the first of three nights is over, and I'm already counting down to going home to my Sweet Gal!! Lord, I can't wait!!! As it happens, events at home made for very little blogging time, so I'm playing catch-up this week somewhat. I'm hoping to be back in the swing in a day or two, lol. 
    I note in the non-gaming news the sad news of the passing of author Ray Bradbury. It was only the other day that I mentioned to Effie my fondness for the story in Fahrenheit 451, where firemen are transmogrified into censors who destroy books in order to maintain social order. Ray Bradbury's view was that books are living and breathing almost as much as people themselves, and the denouement of the story reflects that view. A society that burns books is not incapable of tossing living and breathing people on the pyre as well. God speed, Mr. Bradbury. Rest in peace.

    I had some minor successes this week. I got promoted to Colonel III on Modern Warfare 3, but more importantly it looks like my headset mic problem is resolved. When I checked the headset with just the GameStop branded controller, I had the same fugly feedback as with all the gizmo attachments on there. It's something I should have done as a trouble-shooting measure right away, since the Microsoft wireless controller worked flawlessly with the EarForce X1 headset I got from Reibo. I tried the brand new white and shiny Microsoft wired controller and - voila! - problem solved. I didn't try it out yet live, other than to test it with a voice message recording, but signs look positive so far. Guess I can leave the old controller to eventually trade in with the old Xbox, if I ever decide to go that route, lol.

   The next milestone will be updating the firmware on the XIM3. I'm guess that will be a seance and a half to accomplish. I'm horrified at the close call I had the last time I tried updating that thing. I also noted with no small annoyance that I barely get the thing working, and a new improved (and, of course, cheaper) model is announced, lol.
   Moving on...

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