01 July 2012

Morning Vent, 1 July 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM needs a firmer grip...

    Wonderful to be home again!! My Sweet Gal and I have plans to meet up with Mama and Papa Joker at my godson's graduation party. That should be a lot of fun!! We're hoping that all the stars align for a stress-free day, but, regardless, my gal and I will have a good time just because we're together.

       In Call of Duty, it seems, there are slim margins between doing OK and having your ass kicked to Kingdom Come. I had quite a bit of that this past week the few times I managed to get online. I had stored on my spiffy smartphone some time back some Perks I wanted to try out, but I never did. I incorporated some of this thinking into my post-Prestige recovery, tho. I'm keeping Sleight-of-Hand and Quickdraw on one SMG class, since I had one smoking good game with that setup right after prestiging. On Arkaden, I held the loading dock area against all comers for quite a while with the UMP and the SoH/Quickdraw perk combo. The weapon whipped up really, really fast for me, and I was able to get the drop on guys far better than with an AR and my usual 'stealth' perk lineup. Moving on...

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