10 July 2012

Morning Vent, 10 July 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM has a nice drum mag, so she won't need that nasty bayonet any time soon...

    No work for my honey today, but we're on duty at home waiting for the pool to be delivered; the plan is for the pool to go up Wednesday, but I'll be heading up North to Albany unfortunately that morning. While we're waiting, maybe I'll venture online to try and level up a bit more since my rather disastrous prestige, lol. 

    Between Sunday and today, I managed to plow through the Modern Warfare 3 single player campaign in two sittings. I only played on 'Regular' difficulty, as I thought that was masochistic enough, lol. In certain missions, the crank factor was pretty dang high. I'll say this for Infinity Ward, tho: They have some of the best 'spectacle' in gaming, ever. The Michael Bay type action segments are some of the best in any game anywhere. Like the previous two Modern Warfare chapters, the 'special effects' scenes have been jaw droppingly gorgeous. I literally watched a few of the cut scenes with my mouth hanging open in amazement. Yes, the story doesn't make a lick of sense. But the action is spectacular. The graphics look amazing for an aging engine running on antiquated hardware. It's annoying that the PC versions of these games can't be optimized to run on older boxes like this. Without any spoilers, I can say I found the end of the game almost, but not quite as good, as CoD4. There was a certain satisfaction to the ending, ending on a somber note, and I can easily imagine the thoughts turning through the character's head at the end. It was an interesting editorial choice the developers made to let those final moments play out in first person, as the usual thing would have been to flip to a cut scene instead. All in all, good game, Infinity Ward. Better than the middle installment, for sure. Moving on...

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