16 July 2012

Morning Vent, 16 July 2012

GungalTM of the Day

Vampiric GungalTM Kate Beckinsale does the akimbo thing...

    Monday is my fun day, for sure. I'm home... Not sure whether my honey will be with me today, as she put in for work hours on Monday. With things so slow at work, she's grabbing whatever is available. We owe, we owe... so off to work we go.

    One of the amusing aspects of Modern Warfare 3 (or indeed any online game) is the butthurt people feel when they get their ass handed to them in a basket. Last week, I managed to go just positive in a Barebones Domination match. As you may know, in Domination, the objective is to hold flag positions, A, B, or C, and therefore accumlate points while holding them. I was guarding one of the points with the ACR with a heartbeat sensor. Well, one of the players I fragged a few times sent me a butthurt msg on Xbox Live. 'Camping with the heartbeat. Faaaaaaaag.' Really? It's Domination, dumbass. 
    Yesterday's news links included the full length live action trailer for Halo 4 'Forward unto Dawn'. As it happens, Matt and I touched on Halo 4 during our gaming last week. We're solid on not buying the game. More on that tomorrow. Moving on...

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