17 July 2012

Morning Vent, 17 July 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM Helen Mirren gets ready to bang away with her MP5K in RED...

    Tuesday marks the end of the weekend for me, and I'm bracing myself for a three banger work rotation. Those three nights often seem longer than the four night, as my Sweet Gal and I are home together just three days before it. Still, there's a four days off to look forward to. Fingers cross that the three nights go quick, and I'm back with my honey super fast. 

    As I mentioned yesterday, I hooked up with Matt for a bit on Xbox Live last week for just a few games of MW3 Hardcore Ricochet TDM. It was an unspectacular but fun series of games, and there was one in particular where neither of us could get anything going at all. We both went hugely negative, and it was truly annoying. Luckily, we were on party chat, so the rest of the players were spared my incessant tirade against MW3 and the utter crappiness of the spawns in the game. Repeatedly, I spawned right in the midst of the enemy, their sights (and subsequently their bullets) right on me. As I mentioned during that disastrous match, by the time the new CoD comes out, the old game has more than worn out its welcome, lol.
   As for Halo 4, well, the odds of them making it as fast paced as Call of Duty are about zero. The mechanics of Halo are what they are, so I don't think the game itself is going to change much, no matter what studio is developing it. I might pick up the game for the single player, maybe. But not for regular multiplayer gaming. It's just not my game. At all. Moving on...

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